Sunday, May 12, 2013

A new picture book project you can help get off the ground!

I thought you’d like to know about GIFTS FROM AN ENEMY, my exciting nonfiction picture book project that I have been working on with bestselling author Trudy Ludwig. Trudy's inspiration for GIFTS FROM THE ENEMY is Alter Wiener, a teen survivor of five prison labor camps during WW II and the author of From a Name to a Number.
GIFTS FROM THE ENEMY is carefully crafted to educate young readers in an age-appropriate way about the dangers of hatred, stereotyping, and prejudice. It’s also a story of hope for anyone who has ever been devalued or treated poorly by others—not for what they’ve done but simply for being who they are. The cool thing about this children's book is that it also includes a brief history overview, vocabulary, discussion questions, AND activities to promote social justice and kindness in kids!
To make this book happen, we need some help. We’ve created a a Kickstarter Campaign, offering some great giveaways for those folks who want to support our project with funding pledges. Click here to check out the short video clip about our project and see some of the amazing artwork in progress! You can also support us by spreading the word by Email, Facebook, twitter, or blog posts, etc. to those who may be interested in this great project! We would appreciate any help you can offer.
Below are two of the finished paintings from the book thus far. I have been able to spend time with Alter on a couple of visits to Portland, Oregon. On one trip I took photos for the painting you see below. He is a very special person and I feel honored to help tell his story.