Monday, April 19, 2010

The Can Man reviewed in the Chicago Sun Times!

I just came across this review of "The Can Man" in yesterdays "Chicago Sun Times" Sunday paper. So great! Definitely the coolest place I have ever had one of my books reviewed. Glad to see it is getting some wide exposure!

The Can Man (Lee & Low, 36 pages, $18.95), by Laura E. Williams, illustrated by Craig Orback, focuses not only on recycling but also homelessness. Mr. Peters was young Tim’s apartment neighbor before he lost his job and home and became known as the “Can Man.”

Tim wants a new skateboard for his birthday more than anything. After seeing Mr. Peters out collecting cans, Tim decides he will collect cans too — before Mr. Peters can get to them. He works very hard and earns the money he needs. When he bumps into Mr. Peters with his empty shopping cart, he realizes that a new skateboard is not as important as surviving in the streets and gives Mr. Peters all the money, learning an important lesson.

Rich oil paintings complement this heartfelt story for readers ages 6-10.

You can copy and paste the link here to find it on their site.,kids-books-041810.article

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