Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lummi Island School Visit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a short ferry ride north of Bellingham to Lummi Island for a school visit. Thanks again to the wonderful faculty and students at Beach Elementary School! I had never visited this small island in the north sound before so it was a real experience. The school was built in 1919 and is filled with great historic atmosphere. Driving around the island only took about an hour. I felt like I was in Maine or another quaint area. Below are some photos of the school, students and the beautiful scenery.

They have only 58 students K-6 and it's the islands only school. Amazing!

Here we are meeting in the gym. Eager minds ready to learn about illustrating kid's books.

A visit always ends with the kids creating their own art. Always the most popular part!

This a view from the ferry dock on the island. The boat ride was only 5 minutes!

Spring is definitely in bloom.

Just add some balloons and this house would look just like the one from the movie "Up".

The island had lots of beautiful, but rocky beaches with views of the San Juan Islands. Very quiet and peaceful.


  1. what a wonderful place for a school visit! what did they think of Can Man?

  2. It was a great place. Actually they had me come and talk about my book Nature's Paintbox because April is poetry month. I did mention The Can Man and they did buy one so thats good! Did you go to the SCBWI conference? I missed it.