Saturday, September 5, 2009

A new home and studio

Welcome to my blog! I am joining many of my favorite illustrators and jumping on the band wagon with this new technology! I will try and add something interesting as often as I have something interesting to show or tell. It will focus on my latest illustration projects.

Well after five years of living and working in West Seattle I am now living in Bellingham, WA! It was an emotionally hard move leaving a place I loved and knew so well but Bellingham is looking equally appealing in its own way. I am here for at least two years as my fiance Jess earns her masters degree. I had to end teaching some art classes in Seattle but hoping to start up some new ones this winter in Bellingham.

Here are some photos I just took. One of my new studio space and another of the view from our backyard. The trees go on and on. Pretty nice and so different from crowded West Seattle.


  1. Looks like your settling right in. Blog looks good

  2. Thanks! Yeah its pretty nice here. We just saw the same deer for the third time at our house. Nice big antlers!

  3. Read your reply to the last post. Nice!
    Also, and most importantly, of course, your blog is very impressive. Good job!

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere Craig! These things are pretty handy when it comes to breaking news, new book info, sketches etc.. The new studio looks cozy and you'll grow to love the coutry-fied life I'm sure. Glad I won't be the only one commuting to Seattle for the occassional SCBWI event any more either :)