Friday, October 9, 2009

Last week I hung a bunch of my landscapes at a friend's workplace as a little mini show for the enjoyment of her cubicle co-workers. I wanted to have a few new images so completed these two paintings for the show. The one of the barn is from our new place n Bellingham. This scene is just a few hundred feet from our house. The lighthouse image is from our trip to New England in 2008. It was in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

They are available for sale if you are interested. "Yew Street" (11x14 inches, oil on canvas) is available for $175 and "Old Saybrook" (14x18 inches, oil on canvas) is $200. Hope you enjoy them! It's always good to break out the paints just for fun outside the confines of an illustration project. On a side note, this week I received a new project from the publisher McGraw-Hill in Chicago to paint a landscape for a school textbook. Yeah! They seem to be a recurring theme for me lately.

"Yew Street"
14x18 inches, oil on canvas

"Old Saybrook"
14x18 inches, oil on canvas

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