Monday, June 20, 2011

Open for business!

Just over a week ago we made the big move back to Seattle after two years in Bellingham so my wife could earn her Masters degree at Western Washington University. With the mission almost accomplished it was time to head back to our favorite city by the water just in time for summer.

The best part of changing homes was setting up my best studio space yet! For the first time I have my own separate room that includes all the essentials needed to complete my work. Below are some views of my inspiring new creative space. Now I just need a new project! "Crickets, crickets, crickets"...

Love the summer breezes through the open window.
A computer, scanner and printer near my drawing table for the first time. Love listening to NPR (KUOW in Seattle), music, and my favorite podcasts. That's a live broadcast of TBTL on my computer.
Mirrors for any life drawing, my easel, books for reference, and a TV for distraction.
Lots of closet space for art supplies, computer files, reference (National Geographic's) and my published books.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to have your "own room!" I have that now, too, as our daughter just moved out (to CA) and I made my studio a room with one purpose...eerily clean and organized, though...that should change soon.