Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another do over

Below is a recent painting I choose to re-do again and it's earlier version. I decided to take this one in a more fantastical direction with the addition of the lasso and stars. I am glad to see I have gotten better at painting faces in the 8 years between the two paintings. I may add some line work to my newer painting but I haven't decided yet.

Newer painting.

Older version.


  1. The lasso into the stars addition makes it into such an imaginative campfire! I can already hear the songs being sung to the stars out there.

  2. Craig, thanks for sharing this wonderful painting... as well as your development as an artist, along the way! We loved the work you did for our magazines. Elizabeth at www.thelittlechristian.org.

  3. Thanks Gretchen. I like your take on the painting!

  4. Thanks Elizabeth. It was a real pleasure working with your group. I have your magazine on display in my studio. It looks really nice!